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The projects of the Neuroimaging and Neuromapping are presented here.

Reference free Registration

The registration of linear and non-linear deformations of serial histologic (paraffin, vibratome, cryotome) sections are developed in this project.

Cortex Scanning

In sections through the folded surface of the human brain we are developing methods for exact orthogonal scanning and statistical evaluation to distinguish structural entities.

Function from Structure

Whole sections of a human brain are analyzed at the cellular level by image analysis and pattern recognition.

The Human Frontal Eye Field

This project is concerned with the exact structural location of the human frontal eye field within the precentral and prefrontal suprior sulcus.

Neurostereology and Densitometry

The quantification of neurons and immunohistochemical reactions are performed by motorized videomicroscopy and high resolution transparent flat bed scanning.

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