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In the Neuroproteomics laboratory proteins of specific regions of the central nervous system are separated. The olfactoric bulb, neocortex, cerebellar cortex, caudate putamen complex and midbrain are regions of interest. The development of the proteoms of these regions are studied in an ontogenetic project. The differential expression of proteins in models of neurodegenerative diseases and controls are investigated in a second project. 

With the aid of European EFRE fond we will be able to perform in a much more standardized way quantitative Western Blots.

neuroprot12D-gelelectrophoresis laboratory

Part of the Neuroproteomics Laboratory with centrifuges

2D-gelelectrophoresis of the olfactory with those regions of interest which show a differential expression of proteins during development.

Western Blot of differentially expressed proteins of the olfactory bulb

Western blot in the ProXima 2850 AQ-4 software showing the expression of drebrin (1:1000, 30 µg) within the cerebral cortices of P7, P90 and P637 rats. The AQ-4 software controlls the ProXima 2850 and allows densitometric measurements of blot lanes.

Workplace with imaging system ProXima 2850.

Frontview of the ProXima 2850 imager.